Envirothon is North America’s largest high school education program. 

Over 50,000 students from more than 57 states and provinces participate each year!

These students go on to become active citizens in their communities, using tools gained from the Envirothon experience.

Envirothon provides the unique opportunity for students with common goals to connect across the continent.
And Envirothon BC wants YOU involved! 

Now let’s see what Envirothon BC is all about!

Get Involved

Envirothon BC begins by introducing the 5 topic areas covered by the program. With this approach, students gain an understanding of the different components of ecosystems and are able to consider all the components when discussing problems, analyzing information, and proposing solutions for a given area. The 5 topic areas are:

Aquatic Ecology
We begin with water, identifying the important molecules, properties, and what affects them. Learn about pH, alkalinity, and the implications of varying levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Learn about our important aquatic ecosystems, such as watersheds, wetlands, and riparian environments.

Forest Ecology
Become familiar with plant species local to your area. Gain an understanding of the different forestry techniques, and the costs and benefits of each. Weigh the demands of an industry against the demands of our planet. Examine the impacts of deforestation and the initiatives to curb those impacts.

"What is it made of?" and "How does it form?" are just two of the questions you will have answered. Discover the different horizons that make up soil. Consider the activities that lead to the degradation of soil and the worldwide implications of soil degradation.

Discuss the 4 basic requirements of all wildlife, as well as the factors that contribute to a healthy ecosystem. Investigate the threats facing wildlife, such as urban development and deforestation. Be introduced to the various approaches government, non-profit, and community organizations are taking to preserve our species at risk.

Annual Current Topic
Each year Envirothon chooses a current environmental issue as its feature topic.
2020 Topic: Water Resources Management: Local Control and Local Solutions

Now it is time to get out in the field!

Envirothon BC runs a training day before the provincial competition. This day will introduce the aspects of the fieldwork relevant to the provincial competition at the location of the competition.  Here is a sample of the activities:

  • Take water samples and conduct titration to determine the concentrations of different molecules
  • Create a forest plot and conduct a survey of the different species, sizes, and the presence of invasive species.
  • Dig a soil pit and identify the components using the colors and the textures of the different horizons.
  • Perform a wildlife survey of the area. Identify factors that may have a negative impact on some species, while favouring others. Discover the species at risk in the area and develop a realistic management plan with the aim of protecting those species.

The training days are held in a local park, providing Envirothon participants with numerous benefits. A park provides an easily accessible setting for outdoor learning. The local setting allows students to consider issues relevant to their communities and aids in the realization that their actions are directly connected with these areas and beyond.

From Awareness to Action

Now that the knowledge and skills are available for tackling environmental issues, it is time to take action!
Envirothon BC encourages each participating team to take on a community environmental stewardship project. This could range from initiatives at school to stream side clean-ups. It’s really up to you!

The teams that complete the training day are eligible to compete in Envirothon BC’s annual Provincial Competition. One day of investigative field work, team problem solving and presentations. For more information, please see our Competitions page.

Ready for Envirothon? Please visit the Get Involved page to learn how.