The Competition

Envirothon competitions are intended to bring students from diverse locations and backgrounds together in a fun and challenging atmosphere in which the problem solving, teamwork, and environmental skills built through participation in Envirothon are put to the test!

Envirothon BC Provincial Competition 2020:

Envirothon workshops day: Friday May 1, 2020
Envirothon competition day: Saturday May 2, 2020

NOTE: a location is still to be determined, but it will be in the lower mainland.

Provincial Competition: April 2019

Each spring, Envirothon BC holds it's provincial competition.  Students get a chance to put their knowledge and skills to the test by completing field work and oral presentations while competing against other secondary school students.  The winners of Envirothon BC's provincial competition are eligible to represent BC in the North American Envirothon competition

April 27, 2019 Field Day location is at Sutherland Secondary (North Vancouver)

Students visit a local ecosystem and are given an introduction to the area by local resource professionals.  Students will be given the opportunity to listen to professionals and experience aquatic ecosystems, forest ecosystems, soil ecosystems and wildlife from the area.

April 28, 2019 Test Day
The 5 member team will work together on four different tests as well as an oral presentation.  They will have a test in each of the following areas of forestry, soils, aquatics and wildlife.  The tests will include hands on field work as well as written components about each area. 

The students also receive the oral presentation problem (related to the special topic of Agriculture and the Environment: Knowledge and Technology to Feed the World) and draw on the data from the field training, a provided resource package, and their own experience/knowledge to develop a solution and a presentation. Their 10 minute presentation is evaluated by a panel of judges.

Cost: $100/team

General Rules (more details provided by request or as part of the registration package)

1. Open to youth enrolled in grade 9 - 12. 
2.  All teams will consist of five youth from the same representative school/organization. 
3.  No alternates, with the exception of approved substitutes, may participate in the competition.
4.  Each team must be accompanied by an adult team advisor/teacher.  For the North American event the winning team must arrange for an adult male to chaperone male team members and an adult female to chaperone female team members.
5.  Team advisors must be present for all competition activities and stay on-site during the event.
6.  No technology like cells phones or computers may be used by team members during the competition unless such equipment is provided by the Envirothon organizing committee.
7.  During the competition, advisors may not interact with their respective team but may be asked to supervise other teams.


For more information on the Envirothon, please visit the Envirothon website