Welcome to the official website of Envirothon BC, the international environmental organization and competition made just for you

What is Envirothon?
Envirothon is an environmental education program that strives to help secondary students go from environmental awareness to active stewardship. The program is administered by Envirothon BC, a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping BC's high school students develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to actively participate as stewards of our natural resources.

Our goal is to develop knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated citizens working towards achieving a balance between quality of life and quality of the environment.

1. Independent learning 

Students and teachers are provided with materials that introduce students to the core subject areas of Envirothon. Reading packages and reference material for each topic add to the students' background knowledge and curiosity of each subject, and are designed to encourage critical thinking towards environmental issues.  The materials are related to the provincial learning curriculum for secondary school students, allowing the students to make links with topics covered in the classroom.

2. Hands-on involvement

Students receive training from experienced professionals and skillful university students.  Students gain valuable field skills and experience, which can be applied to local community initiatives and future careers.

3. Provincial and International Competitions

Students get a chance to put their knowledge and skills to the test by completing fieldwork and oral presentations while competing against other secondary school students in a two-day provincial competition.  The winners of Envirothon BC's provincial competition are eligible to represent BC in the North American Envirothon competition.

How did Envirothon begin?

Envirothon BC is a branch of North American Envirothon an international organization that provides resources for and promotes environmental education throughout the US and Canada.  North America Envirothon has its roots in the Environmental Olympics, started by the Pennsylvania Soil and Water Conservation Districts in 1979, as an approach aimed at encouraging high school students to become interested in natural resource conservation and environmental issues.  The Environmental Olympics quickly gained popularity as a hands-on outdoor competition designed to challenge and test each student's knowledge of soils, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife, and current environmental issues.  The first official Envirothon competition was held in Pennsylvania in 1988, and has remained an annual event since, rotating to different states and provinces each year, and involving students from Canada and the USA.